Expensive replica watches will be of better quality

Ordinary consumers will have serious price misunderstandings about luxury goods. This is because most common products follow the production logic of higher prices and higher costs. But in fact, the price system of luxury goods is different from the logic of ordinary goods. Take the watch as an example. Many people firmly believe that the materials used in expensive replica watches must be more wear-resistant, and the movements used must be better, more polished, and like works of art. Is it true?

It is well known that Rolex uses 904L steel except for the parts with gold. It may be because replica Rolex is generally not cheap, and not everyone can have it. As a result, there is a fallacy among the folks: 904L steel is more wear-resistant than 316L steel. Is this true? This dilapidated Daytona is the cousin of a contractor, and he has only worn it for two years. Just look at the deep worn position of the gold part of the watch band and the gold ring of the case, and you know that this is definitely a genuine product. Scratches and wear are very serious. In fact, Rolex uses 904L steel to differentiate itself from other brands. 904L steel is only more corrosion-resistant than 316L steel and not more wear-resistant than 316L steel.

Expensive replica watches uk have a characteristic, in fact, the oil washing process is the same. But expensive watches often cost three times the price. Because it is widely used and has stable performance and easy maintenance and repair, it also looks very beautiful in appearance. It may be because the price of replica watches with ETA movements is generally not too expensive.

Expensive replica watches must have better performance and superior movement. Is the movement more artistic or polished and more ornamental? I don't rule out that there will indeed be some well-known brands with a long history that can do this. But it is really rare. In essence, most of the self-produced movements are not the product of the progress of the times but because replica watches stopped supplying the whole machine. Therefore, most of the self-produced movements will not be more excellent and exquisite. If you feel exquisite, it may be because it is more expensive.