Replica watches-A tasteful decoration that demonstrates identity

The reason why mechanical replica watches are highly regarded is mainly because they are easy to break. In fact, quartz watches can be made extravagantly in addition to being punctual and durable, and they are very expensive. But this is not conducive to the development of the entire industrial chain. You think if the replica watch you buy is hard to break, how many people will be unemployed in this industry. The reason why mechanical watches are highly regarded is because the entire industry chain from brand owners to accessory manufacturers, movement manufacturers, sales personnel and subsequent maintenance personnel can profit.

After you wear the watch, you will find that all kinds of popular watch movements should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Some people even confuse the replica watch movement with car engine maintenance. When the car engine reaches a certain mileage, it must be maintained. But the replica Rolex watch movement is not the same as the car engine. Generally speaking, as long as the replica watch does not have errors such as increasing time error or stopping, it does not require maintenance and washing oil.

The main value of the positioning is the sense of identity. As a luxury product, the nature of the mechanical watch is not important. The important thing is that almost everyone knows that it is expensive and has a sense of identity. It's like, the most useless function of the Herm¨¨s bag is to hold things. Many big-name clothing and shoes do not support washing because they should be thrown away after wearing them for a period of time. But this does not affect other people's ability to sell at a high price.

The vast majority of self-produced movements are like colored gold and 3D hard gold in gold shops, while ETA movements are just like gold. In fact, everyone knows that gold is the most valuable, but when you go to a gold store to buy jewelry, all the salespersons, including yourself, will think of gold. And color gold, 3D hard gold, and diamonds are the most profitable products.

The watch is now more of a tasteful decoration that shows its identity, and it is not much different from other expensive luxury accessories. Therefore, whether the fake rolex watches is an IQ tax depends on each person's income level and economic strength, and there is no need to discuss it in depth. However, choosing a popular style and a movement that can stand the test of time can greatly reduce the cost of use.