How does the replica Rolex CAL.3135 movement distinguish between true and false?

The most frequently used movement in Replica rolex watches is the CAL.3135 movement. It has been more than 30 years since its official service in 1988. It can be regarded as a long-term test. Recently, many replica watch friends have come to me to identify the authenticity of the 3135 movement, so today I will talk about this movement in detail.

The replica Rolex 3135 movement is divided into two types according to the color of the hairspring, one is white hairspring and the other is blue hairspring. Some people naively use a particularly nonsensical way to tell everyone that as long as it is not a blue hairspring, it is a fake movement. This is very mindless. The picture above is the 3135 movement with white hairspring.

There is a particularly simple way to distinguish the 3135 movement based on the card degree. The card without card is true, and the card with card is fake. Because the fake 3135 movements currently on the market are mainly modified by Seagull, Dandong and Shanghai movements, they all have card degrees. Because their movement prototype comes with card degrees.

The 3135 movement modified by the Seagull movement will be called Super 3135. Polish lines are repaired on the edges of the plywood, but these modified movements have an extra middle plywood than the original base movement, so the plywood itself is very thin, and the quality of the movement itself is not very good, and the quality of the plywood becomes even more worrying when the plywood becomes thinner.

The 3135 movement is not structurally complicated, but it is a self-produced movement after all. But if you compare it with the more common ETA movement. In fact, the accuracy is not much different. This is a modified replica watches Rolex Water Ghost with an ETA movement. The daily error is about 3 seconds.